KENDA - packaging change - new 100pcs. foams

Affected packaging: All clinical and laboratory boxes containing 100 pcs.

What changed exactly? The polishers are arranged in 4 groups of 25 polishers each.

During the transitional period it is possible that you will get 2 different foams in one delivery.

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KENDA on WhatsApp

In order to increase our availability for you on different media, KENDA now also communicates by WhatsApp. Add KENDA to your WhatsApp contacts and feel free to ask the simple questions by sending us a short text message.
KENDA WhatsApp: +423 3882311 (Available during office hours)

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only 1 step to a high luster finish on Zirconia and All Ceramics

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Are you ready for a new era in polishing?

The new Polishette® mini shaped polisher gives you a totally new polishing experience. Please try it ...

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