KENDA - A Head Start Through Innovation and Quality

The company KENDA, based in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-precision rotating polishing instruments for a wide range of applications in dentistry and dental laboratories.

KENDA can look back on 44 successful years, and its vast technological and quantitative capacities will also in the future guarantee KENDA's strong market position around the world. Today the company is renowned in more than a hundred countries all around the world for its relentless dedication to continuous innovation as well as delivering flawlessly on its delivery promises.

Customer Orientation and Quality

The philosophy behind this success, is strict customer orientation and quality. A team of young, experienced and highly motivated employees ensures not only the outstanding product quality KENDA is renowned for beyond borders, but also high-class business processes - from the order acceptance to delivery fast and on time. KENDA will always focus on the customer's need.

Always in motion

Traditionally, research and development have always been a main focus within KENDA's capital investment. Moreover, the ISO-certification gives the reassurance that a company-specific quality management system provides the basis required for producing first-class quality also in the long term. All products are produced in strict compliance with the European guidelines for medical devices - and are subject to continuous monitoring by the Head of Quality Assurance.

Glimpse into the future

Drive innovation, sustain quality standards, live up to service requirements: that's KENDA's commitment. The fascination with new ideas and developments for the dentistry industry will continue to be the main drive for KENDA in the future. KENDA will therefore always win by a whisker in the field of DENTAL POLISHING.

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The company KENDA was founded in Liechtenstein in 1977, and since has been developing continuously in the field of dental polishers.

Since 1996 KENDA is ISO-certified.